Sunday, February 17, 2019

To Windsor and Back

With Sharon and Janie heading to San Jose for a Sharks game, I made some last minute plans to connect with Tomasin. I scooped up Snipes in Davis and headed to the Tomasin's house in Windsor.

From there, Tomasin, Snipes, David and I headed to John and Zeke's in Healdsburg. Bachman met us there.

Eventually, we headed back to Windsor and met Julie at El Farolito for dinner. We wandered back to the Tomasin's house after dinner and watched some of Saturday Night Live.

Snipes and I rolled from Windsor a little after 10 pm. Dropping him in Davis, I was back in Carmichael about 12:15 am Sunday morning. By the time I fed and walked Tiber in the neighborhood, it was 1:00 am.

It was great to see Snipes, Bachman and Tomasin!.

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