Friday, June 21, 2019

Sharon and Janie to Napa

Thursday night, Sharon and Janie headed to Napa. After checking into the Napa Valley Marriott, they had dinner at Angele. They spilt Escargots [Garlic, Parsley, Beurre Blanc, Levain Croutons] and “Steak Frites” Prime New York Steak [French Fries, Bordelaise Sauce].

On Friday morning, they had intended to paddle board, but ended up kayaking on the Napa River instead. After getting cleaned up at the hotel, they had lunch at the Squeeze Inn.

After lunch, they stopped at the Hess Winery. Sharon said that the winery has an interesting collection of Modern Art. We need to take Jack there!

They spent about an hour shopping at the Cabi Factory Outlet. Heading home via Lake Berryessa, Winters and Woodland, they got a taste of the traffic that I spent almost two years fighting...

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