Friday, June 07, 2019

2002 BMW 525i

With my Volvo at the dealer for a couple of recalls and a problem with the separate charging cable, I drove Jack's BMW over the last two days. Sharon originally got the 2002 BMW 525i used in 2005. Looking for a very specific model and color, she flew to Southern California, bought it and drove it home. When Jack started driving his junior year at Jesuit in 2014, she passed the car down to him and started leasing newer BMWs.

Although Jack's BMW has more than 230,000 miles on it, it is a fun car to drive. It is a real car. Unlike my Volvo or the newer BMWs, you feel like your driving, not riding in a cushioned bubble. If only it had a place for my coffee cup and a way to connect my iPhone to listen to podcasts, I would probably drive it occasionally 😀.

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