Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 SoCal - Day 1

Our original plan was to drive to Southern California to spend a couple of days with Drew and Shannon. Leaving an early morning medical appointment, we checked Waze and quickly realized that I-5 was closed over the Grapevine due to snow! Waze was routing us down 99 to Fresno, across 46 to Paso Robles and then down 101 to Southern California. It would have been a nine hour plus trip.

Sharon quickly started pushing the idea of flying. Turning around and heading home, we booked tickets on a 2:00 pm Southwest flight from Sacramento to Burbank.

We took off for the airport about 11:30 am. Like the trip to Philly, I parked at a electric vehicle charger on the sixth floor of the parking garage. I was surprised that the airport was not more crowded.

Boarding with A4, A5 and A6, we got the nice exit row on an older 737-700. It was a bumpy flight; they never served drinks.

Drew picked us up at the airport. We headed to his house. I had been to Mirror Wall Studios once before more than three years ago. This was the first time I had been there in the daytime.

We ended up walking up to the top of the hill behind their house. There was an amazing view of downtown Los Angeles. With a storm just moving out, it was very clear.

We visited and exchanged Christmas presents. They gave me several presidential biographies. I gave Drew a music toy.

Afterwards, Drew dropped us at hotel. We are spending two nights at the W Hollywood Hotel on points.

Drew, Shannon and Jack swung back later and picked us up. The five of us headed to dinner at Santuari. We split several starters, including BLACK SEA BASS CEVICHE [charred poblano crème, fresno peppers, lime, cilantro, sumac, crispy garlic], LINGUINE SEAFOOD BOLOGNESE [octopus, scallops, shrimp, annatto spice, parmesan, basil] and ROASTED BEET SALAD [blood orange, marinated feta, pistachio vinaigrette].

Jack and I both had SEARED SCALLOPS [charred onion purée, fennel salad, pickled fresno peppers, mustard seeds, chervil] as our entree. Drew had BRAISED SHORTRIK [ras el hanout, carrot purée, dried apricot, snap peas, almonds, parsley, chili thread]. Sharon and Shannon split 28OZ DRY AGED BONE IN RIBEYE [roasted garlic butter crust, grilled onion]. The food was very good.

Drew dropped us back at the hotel. Rather than staying with us at the hotel, Jack is spending the night at Mirror Wall Studios...

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