Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 SoCal - Day 3

Drew and ShannonWith Sharon feeling under the weather, we were moving pretty slow. I walked down and got coffee from Starbucks. Much to Sharon's chagrin, I forgot a room key...

We packed up the room and checked out. Drew picked us up at the hotel a little after 9:30 am.

With Jack out for breakfast with a friend from Georgetown, Shannon, Drew, Sharon and I walked to the Beachwood Cafe. We had a leisurely breakfast [garden omelet]. Jack wandered back towards the end of breakfast.

Afterwards, we walked back to Drew and Shannon's house. Heading out, we drove up to the Griffin Observatory. Although the traffic was crazy and the parking was slammed, we ended up getting a parking spot at the top. We walked around the outside of the observatory. Although it wasn't as clear as Thursday night, there are some amazing views.

From there, we headed to the Burbank airport. Sharon, Jack and I breezed through baggage check and security. I had an A-1 boarding pass and upgraded Jack to A-6. The flight was delayed about 35 minutes. Scheduled for 3:40 pm, we took off at 4:15 pm. Boarding from the back, I was able to get the nice exit row on an older 737-700. We were on the ground in the Sacramento about 5:30 pm. We were home about 6:45 pm.

I really enjoyed having a chance to spend some time with Drew and Shannon!

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