Thursday, February 11, 2021

MacBook Air

My home computer has been a Mac Pro that I purchased in early 2009, while my personal laptop is a Macbook Air that I purchased in September 2011 just before the New Zealand trip. Both devices have been work horses; the laptop has been all over the world. Unfortunately, both devices are getting a little long in the tooth. The inability to continue to upgrade the OS and their slower speed (cant' run Catan!?!) started to become a problem.

In December, I bought a new MacBook Air with the Apple M1 chip to replace both devices. I decided to consolidate down to one device. I am plugging the laptop into a big monitor with a keyboard, mouse, webcam and jabra speaker.

I am ecstatic about the performance of the device. Additionally, the tight integration between the MacBook Air, my new iPad and my iPhone is incredible!

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