Sunday, February 28, 2021

To Napa for the day

Looking for an excuse to get out of the house, we made a reservation for a tasting at Donum Estates. We rolled from Carmichael about 11:15 am and pulled up to the gate at Donum at 12:50 pm.

Donun is remodeling their tasting room that they only opened a couple of years ago. We had a nice tasting in the winery amongst the tanks. Our host (Alex?) has actually hosted Sharon and I twice before [December 2018, January 2019] as well as the book club [March 2019]. Alex played division two tennis in college at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. After the tasting, we wandered the property, including visiting the spider house.

From there, we headed to Napa. After Sharon did some shopping at the Cabi outlet store, we drove through Yountville to the Napa River Ecological Reserve on the Yountville Cross Road. Working in the Napa Valley in 2015 and 2016, I probably drove by this spot hundreds of times, but never stopped. We took a short hike along the banks of the Napa River.

We wandered back to Yountville after the hike. We had a 5 pm reservation at Ad Hoc. This has always been one of Sharon's favorite resturants. Getting seated outside early, we split a family style dinner of Mixed Greens Lettuce Salad [castelvatrano olives, cucumbers, pickled red onions, brioche croutons, italian dressing], Grilled 1855 Black Angus Ribeye [roasted brussels sprouts, garlic & spinach orzo, red wine sauce], Cowgirl Creamery Devil’s Gulch [focaccia, tomato marmalade] and Ice Cream Sundaes [vanilla ice cream, chocolate, butterscotch & strawberry sauces, pearson farm pecans, whipped chantilly]. It was a very nice dinner.

The traffic wasn't bad on the way home. It took about an hour and twenty-five minute to get home. We were home just before 7:50 pm.

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