Sunday, April 11, 2021

2021 Washington DC - Day 3

The plan for the day was to go hiking at Harpers Ferry. Moving slowly, I made sausage and fried eggs for breakfast.

We picked Jack up a little after 10 am. We were at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park before 11:30 am. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really realize that Harpers Ferry was a town. Like the Washington DC Mall on Saturday, I was frankly shocked at the number of people wandering around. Getting lucky finding a parking spot near the center of town, we parked and Sharon asked someone for directions to the information center. Picking up some maps, we decided to head out on the Maryland Heights hike.

We ended up hiking almost 4.5 miles in just over two and a half hours. We hiked from Lower Town to the Maryland Heights Overlook. It was a great view and a nice spot for lunch. After the hike, we had a beer at The Rabbit Hole.

As we came back into Washington DC, we picked up fried chicken curbside from Founding Fathers. We finished the day watching Hideki Matsuyama win the Masters.

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