Monday, April 12, 2021

Work from Home - Day 395 [2021 Washington DC - Day 4]

I took an early morning run. I headed to mall, looped around the Washington Monument, past the World War II Memorial and up to the Lincoln Memorial. From there, I ran along the Tidal Basin through the FDR Memorial to the Jefferson Memorial. Looping back, I ran through the MLK Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial before heading back to the hotel. There were very few people out and about; unlike Saturday morning, the Mall was empty.

Our plan for this trip is to work from the hotel on Monday and Tuesday. We had planned to work from DC in November, but cancelled that trip at the last minute as the pandemic spirled upward. The three hour time shift made things more than a little odd. Although I imagine that you get used to it, I never really appreciated how awkward the time difference can make things.

We finished the day with dinner with Jack at Kellari. We split starters of Kalamari [pan fried], Keftedes [lamb meatballs, feta-tomato sauce] and Spanakopita [spinach, feta phyllo pie]. For entrees, Jack and I had Paidakia [grilled lamb chops, roast lemon potato], while Sharon had Whole Lavraki [Mediterranean Sea bass, kale sautee]. We were going to sit outside, but the giant restaurant was empty so we ate inside.

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