Saturday, April 17, 2021

2021 Washington DC - Day 9

Just as it was a coincidence that the Nooters had a house on Chincoteague Island while we were on the trip, it was serendipity that Jack's girlfriend's mom and sister were in town for the weekend. We decided that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity and head back on Saturday morning to meet them for drinks in Georgetown Saturday night.

Still feeling under the weather, I was moving slowly on Saturday. Everyone slept fairly late. After a light breakfast, Sharon and I stripped the beds and started some laundry. Nooter's high school friends the Wheats and the Mesas were showing up on Saturday afternoon.

We were on the road back to Washington DC about 9:50 am. With a stop in Cambridge at Taco Bell, it was almost 2 pm before we were back at the AKA Whitehouse. We didn't check out, but kept the room while we were on the island with the Nooters.

After we got back to the hotel, we wandered down the steet to CVS for a couple things. I took a fairly long nap while Sharon got cleaned up.

The kids proposed meeting at the rooftop bar the Graham Hotel. We had been there in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Taking an Uber into Georgetown, we found a line of more than ten people waiting to get into the rooftop. When everyone got there, we decided to punt and head down to the Georgetown Waterfront.

We ended up at Nick's Riverside Grill. The group included Jack, Sophia, Sophia's mom Victoria and her sister Rosie, Sharon and I. We had a very nice visit. Victoria, Sophia and Rosie eventually wandered off for dinner at the Ethiopian restaurant on M Street. Sharon and I had dinner at Nick's. Sharon had a burger, while I had a crabcake sandwich.

Afterwards, Sharon, Jack and I took a cab back to the AKA Whitehouse. Jack and I finished the night watching the Warriors play the Celtics. In a very entertaining game, the Celtics won by the score of 119 to 114. Curry had 47 points, while Tatum had 44 points. It was after 11:30 pm before Jack left and I crawled into bed.

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