Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Work from Home - Day 396 [2021 Washington DC - Day 5]

Sharon and I reserved the workout room in the hotel for an hour in the morning. I ran 5.60 miles on the treadmill in an hour and ten minutes. The hotel cleaned the room while we were in the workout room.

We both worked from the hotel room for the day. It got more than a little chaotic with both of us trying to be on calls and in meetings over the course of the day.

We took a late lunch. Sharon ordered lunch from the Sweet Greens in Foggy Bottom. I got a buffalo chicken bowl. We walked to pick up the food and then headed to Jack's apartment. After lunch, we walked back to the hotel.

We had an early dinner at the Rooster & Owl. This was the best meal that we have had so far on the trip. It was a four course meal with four choices in each of the course.

We started with HAMACHI TATAKI [green mango | serrano | leche de tigre] and FOIE GRAS TERRINE [hazelnut | black grape | pullman]. The second course was SHIITAKE LARB [Thai curry | honeycrisp | little gem] and NAPA CABBAGE [Camembert | pepitas breadcrumb].

For entrees, we spilt DUCK CONFIT [cassoulet | Tuscan kale | red cabbage] and “BEET QUAILLINGTON” [prosciutto | oyster mushroom | curry]. The dessert was PEAR CLAFOUTIS [almond | rosemary caramel | pear sorbet] and BLACK FOREST CAKE [cherries | coffee | balsamic vinegar].

I rarely say this, but this is a restaurant that I would recommend. The only odd thing was that we ate outside on a sidewalk along a busy street. It quieted down over the course of the meal, but initially was very loud. We were literally sitting near a bus stop!

We took an Uber to dinner and then back to the hotel after dinner. We finished the day watching an episode of Treehouse Masters on the Discovery channel.

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