Monday, January 23, 2023

Celebrating Sharon's Birthday!

Monday afternoon, Sharon and Jack played the front nine at Ancil Hoffman. When I asked her how it was, she said "abysmal, but fun.". She and I haven't played since the middle of November with the Gainsleys.

Monday evening, Sharon, Jack, Sharon's brother Tom and I headed to Allora to celebrate her birthday. We celebrated my birthday at Allora last January and Morgan's birthday there in May.

Jack and I split an order of OYSTERS [House hot sauce, lemon, mignonette]. I had a four course dinner including:
  • BEETS + BURRATA [Candied pistachio, local citrus, pomegranate vinaigrette];
  • FETTUCINE [Lobster, prawns, pancetta, preserved lemon, tomato parma rosa];
  • BLACK COD [Parsnip-black truffle puree, confit potato, roasted carrots, fried kale], and;
  • PANNA COTTA [Local citruss, vanilla tuille, white chocolate-buttermilk].
Everyone else had PORK CHEEKS [Prosciutto, wild + tame mushrooms, chestnuts, herb spaetzle] has the entree. There were some interesting half glass wine pairings.

We used a gift certificate that Drew had given Sharon for Christmas to pay for part of the dinner. I enjoyed the dinner and the company very much.

For presents, I got Sharon a Lagos ring, a yoga booster and a yoga blanket.

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