Friday, November 24, 2023

Ancil Hoffman with Sharon and Jack

Friday afternoon, Sharon, Jack and I played golf at Ancil Hoffman. Teeing off at 1:08 pm, it was a very slow day. The foursome in front of us spent a huge amount of time looking for their balls on every hole. Admittedly, with all of the leaves on the course, seeing the ball even when it was in some of the fairways was difficult, but the amount of time they spent looking for their balls was ridiculous. We ended up only playing thirteen holes in almost four hours before it got too dark to keep playing.

I am continuing to enjoy golf more since I took the Golftec lessons. I had a couple of 240 yard drives on the front nine. I hit into the group in front of us while they were standing around the drink cart on the fourth hole. I didn't card an eight on the front nine, but I am still too inconsistent. I am going to take some more swing lesssons starting in December.

I ended up with a liberally scored 56 on the front nine. I feel like I was hitting the ball better than I scored. As it started to get dark, I lost focus after the turn.

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