Friday, November 03, 2023

Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

My second book for September was Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells. The book is the third in a series called The Murderbot Diaries. I read the first book--All Systems Red--and the second book--Artificial Condition--in April.

Rogue Protocol won the Locus Award for Best Novella. It was also a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Novella and the Nebula Award for Best Novella.

The science fiction novella follows the story of Murderbot, a SecUnit (security unit) android that has hacked its own governor module. Murderbot decides to go to an abandoned GrayCris terraforming facility in orbit over the planet Milu [planet from the first book] to collect further evidence of the company's past crimes. Once there, Murderbot befriends a humanoid bot named Miki and secretly follows a team of humans sent to assess the facility before a new company takes possession of it.

I am starting to have mixed feelings about this series. One of the key plot points of the series is Murderbot's ability to hack any and all computer systems. It takes control of security systems, camera, drones and automated space ships. It erases itself from the memory of systems and bypasses security scanning. It is starting to seem like a litte much. I started reading the series because the fifth book won both the 2021 Hugo Award for Best Novel and the 2020 Nebula Award for Best Novel. I am going to soldier on to the fifth book...

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