Thursday, June 10, 2004

Apple - AirPort Express

One of the things that I have looking for over the last year is a device that would let me distribute music within our house using the 802.11 wifi network. When Larkin and I toured the Intel's Information Technology Innovation Center, they had one piece of hardware on display for distributing music using wifi, but I could never find the vendor on the web.

Airport Express

Apple has announced a piece of hardware that comes close to what I think I want. The AirPort Express with AirTunes brings your iTunes music in a PC into wherever you have a stereo or a set of powered speakers. Based on the documentation, you connect your sound system to the audio port on the AirPort Express Base Station using an audio cable and AirTunes lets you play your iTunes music through your powered speakers wirelessly. iTunes automatically detects the connection of your remote speakers, so you just have to select them in the popup list that appears at the bottom of the iTunes window and click play. The Airport Express is not shipping until July; I have one on order.

I am a big fan of iTunes. I have bought about one album a month from iTunes since the windows version was released. More importantly, I have not bought music from any other source during this period.

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