Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Running Amok

Morgan got into a confrontation with her mother on Monday night and started walking with nothing more than a cell phone that died just as she got coverage. Before the cell phone died, she had sent me an SMS message to pick her up, but I then I could not get in touch with her to find out where she was. By the time, she sent me a message she had already been walking for almost an hour and a half. Coordinating with Drew, he eventually picked her up after she had been walking for more than two hours. Drew took her to a friend's house where she spent Monday night. I picked up Morgan up in the middle of the day on Tuesday. I talked very briefly to her mother letting her know where Morgan was.

Although I do not agree with Morgan's strategy of hiking away from her mom's house, it is difficult for me not to be somewhat sympathetic. The events surrounding her mother's life over the last nine months are bizarre and have resulted in them moving three times in the last six months.

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