Thursday, October 19, 2006

3rd Grade: Art Lesson A

Sharon spent the afternoon as an art docent in Jack's class. The lesson introduced a more in depth look at portraiture. The kids examined a variety of portraits and distinguished them from other art forms. They also discussed why artists make portraits. The class examined and analyzed what visual clues reveal about the people in a variety of portraits.

When we were at the Louvre, Sharon and Jack bought a poster of the Mona Lisa; they planned to use it in one of the art docent lessons. She used it today as part of the lesson on portraits. Jack surprised Sharon by sharing with the class a long description of seeing the Mona Lisa.

The lesson looked at four other portraits: American Gothic by Frank Wood; Don Manuel by Francisco de Goya; and George Washington [shown below] and The Skater by Gilbert Stuart.

For their art projects, the kids created a personalized portrait.

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