Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Father

My father, Richard (Dick) Heringer, was born in 1933. He was the youngest of eight sons of Stephen and Mable Heringer. He graduated from the University of California at Davis. After spending six months in the Army in Georgia, he returned to farm with his five surviving brothers [Frederick, Wilfred, Lester, James and Robert] and his five first cousins [Donald, John Jr., George, Ned and Jenette Heringer].

The 6 brothers and 5 cousins expanded the operation purchasing more land in the Delta and in Butte County. The main crops farmed in this generation where tomatoes, alfalfa, pears, peaches, prunes, corn, wheat, safflower, asparagus, and sugar beats. I was raised in Butte County on an 1,800 acre farm of peaches, pears and pears.

The family helped revolutionize tomato harvesting with the innovation and development of the mechanical Blackwelder tomato harvester. The ranch also developed a feed mill pelletizing alfalfa for sale to dairies in Petaluma and for export to Japan.

Richard sold out of the family business in 1976. He spent the next ten years pursuing his passions of duck hunting and fishing, particularly fly fishing. He died in June of 1986.

Stephen Heringer (My Grandfather)
Joseph Heringer (My Great Grandfather)
John Heringa (My Great, Great Grandfather)

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