Monday, December 04, 2006

Blog about Drew's Music

From And then she woke up:

Blog entry about Drew's Music
I went to a concert in the Nixon. Links and Andrew Heringer played. Links was a lot of fun. The leader singer needs to work on his diction. I think I understood the lyrics for two out of the eight or so songs they played. Their guitarist is incredible. He also played the drum for Andrew Heringer. That man is just amazing. I love his stuff. Flist, listen to him. He is on iTunes. He has two albums out. They are both fantastic and worth the money. The concert was extremely intimate, as the Nixon has only 65 or so seats. They set up the stage to look like their living room. It was wonderful. I had a Firefly moment while watching Andrew play 'I Cannot Remember.' He uses a drobo (I think that's how you spell it?). It either is or is very similar to a slide guitar. It reminded me a lot of Firefly music, that kindof celtic cowboy sound.

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