Sunday, December 17, 2006


Two weeks ago, I ran the California International Marathon. My body has not recovered very well. I have been struggling trying to get back into some kind of training routine. My hips and the top of my hamstrings are brothering me. The colder weather is not helping; it was about 40 degrees when I went out to run tonight.

I have always enjoyed running; it helps me burn off stress and provides a zen like state for insights to bubble up. More than anytime that I can remember, running is a struggle. Rather than running, I am laboring.

I am trying a number of things that I have never done before, including walking for short distances in the beginning, middle and end and stopping and stretching during the run. These strategies are helping me get through the run, but I am not sure that my legs are improving. The only good news is that my back is not brothering me.

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