Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elk Grove Outlaws

I went to an organizational meeting for the Elk Grove Outlaws Baseball team tonight.

Over almost exactly the last year, Jack has played with a tournament baseball team called the Elk Grove Gunners. This was the team that went to Cooperstown. After Cooperstown, nine of the boys from the Gunners and eight of the boys that played together at Cooperstown were on the Laguna 10U Cal Ripken team in the Northern California Tournament. The coach for the Laguna 10U team was one of the assistant coaches for the Gunners.

After the all-star tournament was over, the assistant coach for the Gunners announced that he was starting a new team, the Elk Grove Outlaws. It looks like 11 of the 12 boys from the Gunners team have moved over to the new Outlaws team. The team is currently planning to play six tournaments in September, October and November.

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