Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 East Coast Trip - Day 13 - Sacramento plus more baseball

Up early, Sharon and I packed. We left Pat and Benard's house about 7:45 AM EST and had an hour drive to the Philadelphia International Airport. We did not leave ourselves enough time to check the luggage, get through security and get some food for the flights. We were still trying to buy some food when they started queuing up to board the flight.

We also made one other tactical error. We did not pay close enough attention to the stops on the flight that we had scheduled back to Sacramento. Both of us thought that it made just one stop. Unfortunately, it was scheduled to fly from Philadelphia to Denver to Los Angeles and then to Sacramento. This made for a long day.

Stopping at the house about 5:30 PM PST (almost 13 hours after we left Pat's), we unloaded the luggage and Jack changed into his baseball gear. Jack had been concerned all day that we would get back to Sacramento in time for him to play. We headed to Morse where the Laguna 10U Outlaws were playing the Galt 10U team. We showed up about 5 minutes before the game started.

Jack pitched the second inning, played third base for three innings and finished the game at first base. With some help from Breyton making a nice stretch, Jack made a play on a slow roller up the third base line while he was at third. At bat, he was 1 for 1 with a walk. In his first at-bat, he fell behind 1 and 2, fouled off a couple of pitches and eventually walked; he was forced out at third later in the inning. Jack hit a 1 and 2 pitch into right center for a double in his second plate appearance driving in a run. He eventually came around to score. Given how much we had traveled that day, I was frankly amazed at how well he played. With all 13 of the Outlaws players getting time, Laguna beat Galt by the score of 11 to 1.

With the Northern California Cal Ripken 10U tournament scheduled to start July 11, Jack is going to play a lot of baseball over the next two weeks.

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