Friday, July 17, 2009

Laguna 10Us versus Elk Grove North 10Us

Back to Oakland again... We have driven 1,000 miles back and forth to Oakland this week for the Northern California Cal Ripken 10U Tournament. The Laguna 10Us played the Elk Grove North 10Us. The winner plays Oakland American on Saturday in the championship game. There are four players on the Elk Grove North team that played with Jack on the Elk Grove Gunners at Cooperstown: AD, Dylan, Austin and Keaton.

At the plate, Jack was 1 for 2 with a walk and 2 RBIs. In the bottom of the second, Jack struck out looking on a 3 - 2 pitch. In his defense, the umpire's strike zone was very inconsistent. The Elk Grove North pitcher (Murphy) also pitched extremely well. Through the first three innings, he faced the minimum number of batters and struck out 6 of the first 9 hitters he faced. In the bottom of the fourth with two outs, Cam, Pat and Jack drew successive walks. Pat ran the count to 3 and 2, fouled off four pitches and then walked. Jack ran the count to 3 and 2 and then walked to load the bases. The next batter hit it to the shortstop for the third out. In the bottom of the sixth, Wesley walked. Pat singled to put runners at first and second. Jack ran the count to 1 and 2. Protecting the plate, he drove an outside pitch into right center to score both Wesley and Pat. Talking to Jack afterwards, he said that he actually took his back hand off the bat as he reached for the outside pitch. The next batter hit a grounder to the shortstop to force Jack out at second.

In the field, Jack had a couple of nice plays in the first two innings. With two outs in the top of the first, Dylan hit a rocket right at Jack's head which he easily speared. Dylan played with the Gunners at Cooperstown and is a big kid; bigger than anyone on Laguna. I continue to be amazed at Jack's hand/eye coordination and his hand speed. He clearly did not get these traits from me; the ball would have smacked me in the side of the head before I would have been able to get my glove up. With the bases loaded and two outs in the top of the second, Jack easily fielded a grounder on the left side and tagged third to end the inning. Jack played four innings at third base.

Laguna lost to Elk Grove North by the score of 7 to 2 and was eliminated from the tournament. Elk Grove North plays Oakland American on Saturday at noon; Elk Grove lost to Oakland once already by a score of 5 to 1 last Sunday.

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