Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2009 Lake Almanor Day 5

A long and busy day...

Jack and I took the bikes to the Lake Almanor Recreational Trail. Last year, we rode about 12 miles along the trail. This year, we rode the entire 11 plus mile length of the trail and back; a total of 23 miles. We started at the Canyon Dam Boat Ramp. I let Jack lead and he just kept going. I expected at some point that he would want to turn around. The trail includes a lot of rolling terrain and a couple of steep climbs. Jack did great. There were a couple of times that Jack was actually pulling away from me on the climbs. He is getting bigger and stronger and this is a sign of things to come. About 2 miles from the end, Jack turned to me and said "I am hungry."

Heading back to the cabin, Bachman and Anna had shown up. It has been a number of years since I got a chance to visit with Anna. Jack and I grabbed some lunch and I watched the boys play horseshoes for a while.

Drew, Marlana, Jack and I then took off to play golf at Bailey Creek. We took three foursomes. The group in front of us included Jill, Kurt, Craig and Keith. The group behind us was Hunter, Debbie, Loren and Morgan. A group of boys had taken off earlier in the afternoon that included Robbie, Danny, Nate and Chris.

I played very inconsistently. While I had a number of nice shots, I could not string them together. I would hit a two very nice shots and then a really bad one. Combined with a couple of three putts, I ended up with a "winter rules" 62 on the front nine. This has to be the worst round that I have had on the front nine at Bailey Creek. Drew actually pared a couple of holes. Jack struggled at the beginning, but then hit a number of very nice shots. It was a distraction for me to work to keep Jack on a even keel and not melt down.

When we got back to the cabins, Julie, David and Mikey had finally gotten here for the week. The Snipes cooked a great late dinner of chicken fajitas.

Afterwards, a group of about 20 went to Plumas Pines. Drew and I drove around. Surprisely, it ended up being a pretty early evening. Another group was actually doing karaoke. Combined with the music that they were playing, it drove us out of the bar. We were home and in bed before 11:30 p.m.

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