Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 Lake Almanor Day 4

After an early morning run along the Eastern shore of the lake, I got Tomasin to take out a large group in his boat. Sharon, Janie, Jack, Marlana and I went out on the boat with Tomasin and Chris. Jack wakeboarded several times. He is really enjoying it and getting more and more comfortable on the board. Although it is not saying much, I had my longest run on the wakeboard. Both Chris and Tomasin both had long runs. I took video of both of them and will try and get some of the video posted by the end of the week.

Both of the other boats got late starts and were just getting on the lake as we were finishing up. Unfortunately, the wind really started to pick up. As result, both of the other boats were back quickly.

We sat for awhile in the boats at the dock planning the rest of the day. Eventually, we decided to take the group to Plumas Pines for a late lunch. The group included almost 30 people spread out between a couple of boats and a number of cars.

After lunch, Sharon and Janie headed back to Sacramento. Marlana, Drew and I headed into Chester to do some shopping.

Back at the cabins, I started the coals. The boys got a chance to take the waverunners out for the first time this week. Jack and Drew took one of them out for a short run.

The Wallens and I are fixing chicken and pasta for dinner. I barbecued about 40 thighs for dinner, while Wallens made spaghetti and salad.

It was another quiet night. The dads have not gone out yet; probably a sign of the fact that we are getting older...

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