Friday, August 07, 2009

2009 Lake Almanor Day 7

With the weather still very unseasonable cool, Jack and I took off for the Bizz Johnson Trail with our bikes. Last year, we rode from the start of the trail in Susanville up past both of the railroad tunnels. This year, we started at the Devil's Corral. We hiked east from here to the railroad tunnels six years ago...

Jack and I headed west. The terrain is much different than the section that we did last year. This section climbs away from the river up on the ridge, while the lower section runs along the river. We covered about 11.3 miles round trip.

We got back to the cabin in the early afternoon. Tomasin's brother, his girlfriend, three of their kids and Tomasin's mom showed up for the day. Tomasin took them out in the boat. Although still fairly rough and cool, Snipes and I followed them out on the lake. While they wakeboarded, Snipes and I drifted and tried to solve world hunger. Hunter also brought his boat out on the lake with Debbie and Tyler.

Jack finished the afternoon playing catch with Nate and cribbage with me.

We took a group of 22 to dinner for chinese food at Happy Garden. We finished the night back at the cabins watching the Giants blow a two run lead in the eighth and lose to the Reds by the score of 10 to 5.

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