Thursday, August 06, 2009

2009 Lake Almanor Day 6

After a long, busy day on Wednesday, today turned into a slow day with funky weather.

Wallen and I went over to Lake Almanor Recreation Trail for a run. I have often said that one of the reasons that I train hard is so that I can run with Wallen a couple of times a year. We ran a 8:30 mile in the first mile. I then started to struggle with the rolling terrain and the slight uphill. Wallen ran with me to the our 2.5 mile middle point and then left me behind as we headed back.

When we got back to the cabins, the lake was very choppy. It was getting colder, windier and cloudier. Tomasin and Snipes took their boats out on the lake looking for some smooth water, but it was too rough to ski.

A large group spent the late morning and early afternoon playing horseshoes. Tomasin and Bachman beat David and Drew repeatedly.

With Bachman and Anna heading home, a group started for Carol's to get a late lunch. With Carol's closing at 2:00 p.m., we ended up at Anna's Cafe in Greenville. I was very pleased with the food and the service; I would definitely go back.

We finished the afternoon playing hearts and cribbage. Snipes and I made a fire in pit to try and keep warm while we helped Tomasin barbecue.

The Tomasins made pork loin, baked beans and coleshaw for dinner. As we were sitting down at the picnic tables it started to rain hard. We were chased back into the cabins to finish dinner.

A group including Tomasin, Snipes, Hunter, Tyler, Danny, Robbie, Becky, Debbie and I finished day at Chuck's Railroad Room in Westwood playing pool and darts. After last night's fiasco at Plumas Pines, this place was perfect. We had a great time. By the time, we got home and to bed it was after midnight.

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