Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Giving thanks with a mailbag by Bill Simmons

Giving thanks with a mailbag
Q: What is the "30 for 30" documentary you wish was made that wasn't? -- Tyler, Seattle

S[ports] G[uy]: Andre the Giant. Hands down. It never got past the discussion stage because the WWE owns the key footage and would have wanted to produce it; we would have wanted an elite filmmaker. So that was a nonstarter. But other than Muhammad Ali, no other athlete from the past 40 years was more memorable, beloved or distinct. I have never met anyone who knew Andre who didn't immediately turn to mush when you asked them about him. Every person who ever befriended him has 10 Andre stories, and everyone who ever crossed paths with him even briefly has three. We could have gone two hours on Andre, easy. So that's No. 1 for me. My runners-up: Tim Richmond, the Clippers, the Artest melee and how Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War.

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