Saturday, November 07, 2009

This is It

Sharon dragged Jack and I to see This is It, a documentary put together from footage filmed during Michael Jackson's rehearsals for his planned tour. The movie provides you with a good idea of what the concert would have been like.

I found the film remarkable for a number of reasons. Dancing alone or with the back-up dancers, Jackson looks extremely focused and fit. Watching the footage, it is difficult to believe some of the drug allegations that have surfaced since his death. The movie also paints a picture of a very talented musician. Jackson is shown working with the musicians to get music just the way he wants it.

Jackson's music has a personal impact on me. As part of a birthday gift from Brun and Kim, I worked on putting together the soundtrack of my life. One of the songs on this soundtrack is Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. This song was on the playlist for concert; hearing it always invokes a number of interesting, vivid memories.

I am pretty sure that I have never seen a concert film in the theater. I will probably never see another concert film in the theater. This is It is worth seeing.

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