Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Outlaws Baseball Tournament #7 Day 1

After a three week lay-off, the Outlaws played in the May Dayz All World Sports tournament at Bartholomew Park in Elk Grove. The Outlaws played the Sutter Storm in the first game. They beat in the Storm by the score of 10 to 2 in March.

This was one of those games where the train comes off the track quickly and spectacularly. It was very painful to watch.

At the plate, Jack was 0 for 1. He hit a 3 and 1 pitch for a hard line drive right at the center fielder for an out.

In the field, Jack played three innings at third and one inning at first. It was an adventure. Jack had two errors, two put-outs and one assist. In the top of the first, with one out and a runner on first, Jack made a nice backhand stop on a chopper down the line. His throw pulled Breyton off the bag for an error. On a single into right field, Jack took the cut-off throw from Breyton to tag out a runner who had taken a big turn at third for the third out of the first inning. In the second inning, Jeremy got the runner on first leaning the wrong way. Jack took the throw at first and chased down the runner heading to second for the out. In the third, Jack fielded a grounder to the left side and threw the runner out at first. Jack had another error in the fourth. He made a nice stop on a grounder to the left side, but threw the ball in the dirt to Josh's right at first base.

The Outlaws gave up 9 unearned runs in the top of the first on four errors and two HBPs. The Sutter Storm won the game by the score of 10 to 0 in four innings. The box score is here.

The Outlaws turned right around and played Team Combat. This is a local 11U team that the Outlaws have played and scrimmaged on a number of occasions.

At the plate, Jack was 1 for 3 with a run scored. In his first at-bat, Jack hit a 1 and 1 pitch for a fly ball down the first base line. The right fielder made a nice catch for the out. Jack grounded a 1 and 1 pitch to the left side in his second plate appearance. The third base threw Jeremy out at second for a fielder's choice. In his second at-bat, Jack hit a high fly ball on a 3 and 0 pitch into right center. There was some confusion by the outfielders and the ball dropped for a single. Jack stole second. With two outs, he scored from second when the second baseman misplayed Breyton's grounder to the right side.

In the field, Jack played three innings at first, two innings at third and one inning in center field. He had one error and six put-outs. In the bottom of the first, a soft grounder was hit to the left side. Jack ranged far to his left in front of Aaron Wong at shortstop, but did not make the play. I ended up scoring it as an error; it should have been Aaron's ball. At first, Jack had five put-outs on throws from the pitcher, shortstop and second baseman. In the second inning, he made a nice backpedaling catch on a high pop-up high behind first base.

Behind Cooper's complete game, the Outlaws bounced back from the loss to the Storm to beat Team Combat by the score of 7 to 1. The box score is here.

The Outlaws have 17 wins and 11 losses for the Spring 2011 season. The game log is here.

The Outlaws will play the Blaze and Razorbacks on Sunday.

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