Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outlaws's Year in Review

A year ago, I started scoring the Outlaws using ESPN iScore on the iPad. Including the Cal Ripken pre-state and Northern California Tournaments, the Outlaws have played 71 games during this period. All of the statistics are on line at http://iscorebaseball.com/outlawsBaseball. You can use the drop down menu on the right to get to the statistics for all of the tournaments.

Cooper, Jeremy and Josh played in all 71 games. Trevor played in 70 games, while Jack and Breyton played in 67 of the games. Jordan played in 55 games.

Josh had a team leading batting average of 0.344. He had 52 hits in 151 at bats and 196 plate appearances. Josh led the team with 7 triples.

Breyton had a team leading on base percentage of 0.514. He led the team in walks with 48. In a surprise to no one, Breyton was hit by a pitch a team leading 9 times; it just seems like a lot more.

Jack had a team leading slugging percentage of 0.524. He led the team with 6 home runs and was tied with Josh for doubles with 8.

Jeremy had a team leading 64 RBIs. Jack was second with 61 RBIs. Of the players that have played more than 35 games in the last year, Jeremy had the fewest strike-outs. He struck out only 13 times in 178 at bats and 212 plate appearances.

Cooper had a team leading 62 stolen bases. Trevor and Jeremy were a close second with 60 stolen bases each.

Cooper had a team leading ERA of 2.23. He pitched 48.1 innings in 23 games.

Josh had the second lowest ERA of 2.42. He pitched 82.1 innings in 27 games.

Breyton had the third lowest ERA of 2.75. He pitched 63.1 innings in 21 games.

Breyton had a team leading fielding percentage of 0.983. In 226 put outs and assists, he committed only 4 errors.

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