Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kings checkmated by money, luck

Bill Simmons: Breaking down the NBA's small-market woes with a little help from the Maloofs - ESPN
My [Bill Simmons] prediction: the league will pay full price for the Kings (or close to it), use them as lockout leverage (along with the Hornets), then work with Johnson and Sacramento on finding new ownership after the lockout. It's the right move. There's every reason to believe that Sacramento could turn into Oklahoma City or Portland in the right hands. But it needs the right hands. And those hands need to be able to write checks that pay for stuff.

After walking through the Palms last week and reading about some of their financial transactions of the last two years, my prediction [heringer] is that the Maloofs will lose both the casino and the basketball team in the next four years.

Updated 5/7/2011 - In his May 5 podcast with Berry and Abbott at the 1:05:00 mark, Bill Simmons says "they [the NBA] are going to take the team over from the Maloofs... they aren't going to be able to meet the payroll..."

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