Monday, May 09, 2011

More from Bill Simmons on the Maloofs

Adding to the comments I posted last week that Bill Simmons made in his April 26 column and May 5 podcast, he had the following thoughts about the Maloofs in his May 3 column titled Presenting a gift to the 2011 NBA playoffs, courtesy of "The Wire":
15. "He's a cold motherfu**ka."
16. "It's a cold world Bodie."
17. "Thought you said it was getting warmer."
18. "The world goin' one way, people another yo'."

Let's give it to the Maloofs... -- they did everything but load T-shirt cannons with horse manure and shoot them at their fans this past season, and then, when their Anaheim move fell through once the league realized that they didn't have the resources to pull it off (and once the Lakers and Clippers mobilized against them), Joe Maloof had the gall to trumpet the team's return to Sacramento for another year by saying, "I think it's the fair thing to do." Even Clay Davis wouldn't have said that. Hey Joe? If you want to be fair, start showing up for home games again, spend more than the salary cap minimum on your roster and stop pretending that Anaheim is a better basketball city than Sacramento just because they have a few wealthy locals who were dumb enough to pay your debts without gaining control of your team.

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