Monday, May 02, 2011


Morgan posted this remembrance on her blog [Hank and Pancakes] after her maternal grandmother passed away.

My maternal grandmother, Geege, as we called her, passed away in the evening on Easter of this year. She had a massive stroke from which she never awoke. She died, surrounded by family members both close and estranged, in Carmel, California, the town that she had always loved with all her heart. I know that she wanted it that way.

Geege was a living legend, to me and to us all. I never thought she could actually die. She was at once opulently generous and imposingly formidable. I owe to her my love of music, books, and all things elegant and thought-provokingly beautiful. I owe to her my interest in family history, mythology and the realities that exist beyond our physical reality. I see pieces of her in my mother, my aunts, my cousins and myself, and, in memory of Geege and her best qualities, I hope that we might continue to cherish all these things within ourselves throughout our lives.

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