Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Last year, Sharon was gone on Mother's Day weekend to Spokane for Kevin's graduation from Gonzaga University. This year, Sharon is traveling on Mother's Day to Atlanta for a conference. As a result, we celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday.

In the afternoon, Sharon had me work in the Northwest corner of the yard; she is planning to put a mediation garden there. Afterwards, we barbecued steaks. For presents, Jack and I got her a Jawbone bluetooth and some cappuccino cups. Jack picked out a cute card that played a quote from the Office.

After dinner, Sharon and Jack rented Step Brothers on the AppleTV.

We got her some flowers that included Calla Lilies. It turned out that Calla Lilies were a favorite of her mother. I am going to try and remember to include them in future Mother's Day bouquets.

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