Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Back to School Night

With Sharon traveling back from New Mexico, I went to the 13th Annual Back-to-School Night for Jack's school. For the first time, they are holding the program on two separate nights: one night for grades K through 5 and another night for middle school. After attending for nine straight years, it is hard to believe that we will not be back next year and this will be Jack's last year at the school. By January, Jack will be taking entrance exams for high school!

The general session was held in the parish center. It included a prayer by the priest, a welcome by the principal, short speeches by the chairs of the school board, the parent association, the auction chair, and the head of the extended day program. Each of the teachers [science, English, social sciences, mathematics and electives] got up and spent about 10 minutes talking about their curriculum.

Afterwards, we headed to Jack's classroom. His home room teacher spent about 20 minutes talking about the coming year and encouraging parents to volunteer for various upcoming activities.

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