Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Lake Shasta Day 6

I started the day with a 7 mile run south along the lake. Wallen ran this course last year. While I was out for the run, Jack went wakeboarding with Tomasin and Chris.

After I got back I went out on the boat with Tomasin, Mikey, Tomasin's nephew Stephen and Stephen's friend Michael. I got a bunch of great pictures, but it is going to take me a few days to sort everything out.

Back at the cabin, Wallen's brother Bob Wallen and his daughter Carol showed up. The Bob Wallen's have typically been part of the group, but decided not to come for the week this year. The Wallen's took off with their patio boat for Donkey Creek to barbecue for lunch.

I rallied the group to go check out the rope swing that I had seen when I took Sharon and Janie kayaking on Monday. We loaded up the patio boat and Tomasin's boat and headed north up the Antler's Resort. At this point, I made a tactical error. I knew that the patio boat was low on gas. Passing the wheel to Snipes, I went back and looked in the tank to see how much gas was left. It looked like I had enough to get to the rope swing and back. Less than five minutes later, we crossed over the wake of another boat and the engine on the patio boat died. We were out of gas. Tomasin towed us back to Antler's...

Once I got the tank refilled, we ended to the rope swing. The boys went on the rope swing, dove off the cliffs and played with the kayak. Everyone else took a dip in the lake.

With a slightly smaller group this year, we put together a dinner of left-overs anchored by hamburgers from the Tomasin's. I finished the night playing a couple more games of pool with Jack. This time I was more successful.

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