Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parents Behaving Badly by Scott Gummer

I finished reading Parents Behaving Badly by Scott Gummer. I saw the book on a summer reading list of sports books put together by NPR. With Jack's baseball team traveling to San Diego for a tournament in July, I bought it and threw it into the bag. I didn't start reading it until we were at Lake Shasta in August.

I was hoping for a book that focused on the antics of parents at Little League Baseball games. Instead I got a story that focused on the marriage of a 40-something couple, particularly the trials and tribulations of the husband.

From the opening kid's birthday party, it is a story largely told though the eyes of the father. While the plot includes a season of baseball and the running amok of Little League baseball parents, this is one of several secondary story lines.

I was hoping for a book that focused on a team and a league for a season. Unfortunately, the baseball season does not really start until page 85 of a 210 page book.

The book is a light, quick read. Setting aside that the book was really not what I was expecting, it is just not a very good book. I recommend skipping it.

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