Sunday, August 07, 2011

the annual towing of Hunter's boat [2011 Lake Shasta Day 2]

Towing Hunter's boat

After a very late night, we were up early. Sharon, Janie, Jack and I headed down to Antlers to pick up a patio boat for the week. Jack and I ferried the boat back.

Back at the resort, Mikey, Tomasin, Jack and I headed out on Tomsin's boat. Everybody wakeboarded. In past years, I have typically skied and only played at the wakeboard. With no one really skiing anymore, I am trying to get more serious about the wakeboard. I am not sure that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

For lunch, Jill, Wallen, Janie, Sharon, Jack and I took the patio boat to Donkey Creek. We swam and cooked turkey burgers for lunch. The barbecue was a little bit of an adventure because we forgot a spatula! Nate and a group of his friends pulled up on a second patio boat. Hunter and Debbie eventually joined us on Hunter's boat. At one point, Sharon and I drifted back and forth across the inlet sitting on life jackets.

As we needed back to the resort in the late afternoon, Jack transferred to the Hunter's boat. Debbie was going to wakeboard and they needed a spotter. This transfer led to some running amok and anxiety on Sharon's part.

When we got back to the dock, Chris had rolled up. As we were standing around visiting, Tomasin heard his cell phone ringing. Chris yelled that it was Hunter calling. I happened to look at my phone and realized that Hunter had just called me. As we were trying to call him back, Sharon was sure that something had happened to Jack! It turned out that Hunter's boat was dead in the water; it would not start.

Hunter has had this boat since 1989. It seems like every year something goes wrong with it and we end up towing it. Tomasin, Chris and I headed out in Tomasin's boat, but Hunter did not pick up when we tried to call him back to figure out where exactly he was. Shasta Lake is a lot bigger than Almanor Lake. Eventually, we found him south of the resort. Hunter was standing in the water working to keep the boat off the rocks.

The Snipes got to the resort about 7:45 p.m. I enjoy Kurt's company a great deal. As I have always said, he raises the average IQ of the men of the group by about 10 points.

The Wallen's cooked a great dinner of chicken and ribs, beans and bread for dinner. While we are missing a few people, it sure seemed like a big group.

Julie finally got there about about 9:30 p.m. Somehow, the Tomasin's ended up having three cars here...

We finished the night visiting on the deck outside Snipes' cabin. After a very late night on Saturday, I made it an early night; I crashed about 11 p.m.
early, quieter night.

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