Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2011 Lake Shasta Day 4

Up early, I spent about two hours working. I had originally planned to go back to work on both Tuesday and Wednesday, but decided to work remotely on Tuesday. I actually did a sync up with one of my directors using the video conferencing in OCS.

Afterwards, I started out for a run. Walking up the road, I ran into Tomasin. He suggested that we take the boat out. Grabbing Jack and changing into a swimsuit, Tomasin, Chris, Jack and I headed out on the lake. We all wakeboarded. Jack continues to make marked progress, me not so much. I am getting to the point where I can get up on the board consistently, but I am still struggling to get my hips and feet in the right direction.

Back at the dock, Tomasin and I spent some time sitting in the boat listening to music and discussing the meaning of life.

I did another conference call with work to check on the status of project. Then, in the early afternoon, Sharon, Janie, Jack and I went out on the patio boat with Jill and Wallen. We headed up Salt Creek Inlet under the railroad bridge and all the way to I-5.

Turning around, we parked the boat on the shore. We spent the afternoon barbecuing and swimming in the lake. Sharon and Jack floated across the inlet and back.

Hunter took this boat out of the water again. It appears that there a one or more teeth broken on the flywheel.

Back at the cabin, the Snipes made mojitos and served lasagna and salad for dinner. With Sharon and Janie planning to head back before 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning and me planning to work at Mather tomorrow, we had a quiet early evening.

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