Monday, August 22, 2011

Anniversary and Birthday Celebration for Les & Marge

After the Vine Crusher run on Sunday morning, I spent a couple of hours replacing a pump in the fountain on the west side of the house. From there, we went to an anniversary and birthday celebration for my Uncle Les and Aunt Marge. At 93, Les is the last living member of my dad's generation. He has been married to Marge for 68 years. To some extent, this was a continuation of the Heringer Family Reunion on Saturday. Arriving more than a little late, we had a chance to visit with my sister Lee Ann and her husband Dean and my sister Sharon and her boyfriend Mike.

Les and Marge's house on Netherlands Road backs up on Elk Slough. At one point during the party, Jack, Mike, Dean and I walked up on the levee behind the house. Their son Steve was talking about an article in Via Magazine about the slough that I need to find. Sharon and I are going to put the kayaks in Elk Slough at some point.

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