Monday, November 14, 2011

2012 PAL Varsity Comp Basketball Parent Meeting

I went to a short parent meeting for the SEAS varsity basketball team. Last year, the varsity comp team carried fifteen 7th and 8th graders and the school did not field a varsity rec team. It was a disjointed mess trying to get everyone some playing time, while maintaining any continuity.

This year, the coaches are holding tryouts four nights this week. They said that they are planning to have both varsity comp and rec teams with about 9 or 10 boys on each team. Like last year, the coaches said that the team will not be playing in a December tournament. League and tournament play will start in January.

Watching Jack during the tryouts, I was surprised how comfortable he looked with the ball and how smooth his shot looked. He is not a gym rat and does not play that much basketball outside of November through the end of February. Jack is just a much better all around athlete than I ever was. This next year is going to very interesting as he moves on to high school next August. I have tried to keep him pointed towards baseball where I think that he could be successful at higher levels, but he has been playing three sports a year for the last eight years! Jack loves to compete and I suspect that he is going to want to try out for football and basketball his freshman year.

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