Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Virtually Biking Across America - Day 10

On day 10, I rode 21.10 miles from Highway 95 near the Carson Sink Pony Express Station to Highway 50 near the Sand Springs Pony Express Station. Rather than follow Highway 95 north to Fallon and Highway 50, I went east south of Carson Lake. This was a difficult ride with the climb topping out at a 13.5% grade.

I used a feature of the software for the first time that allows me to freehand draw part of the route. The road did not go all the way through on Google Maps, but I could see a dirt road over a small mountain range in the satellite view. I used the freehand mode to draw a route following the dirt road.

The trip log for Virtually Biking Across America is here.

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