Sunday, October 07, 2012

2012 Anniversary Trip Day 2

View of Angel Island from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Up about 7 am, we had room service. The plan for the day is to hike the Rodeo Valley Loop in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We had read about this hike in the Sacramento Bee a couple of months ago. With a quick stop in the Marina district to get water and a couple of snacks, we parked at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge about 9 am.

Taking the Coastal Trail out of the parking lot, the hike climbs about a mile to the top of the ridge. We continued east on the Coastal Trail and eventually connected with the Rodeo Valley Trail. We followed the Rodeo Valley Trail to the SCA Trail. The SCA trail led back to the Coastal Trail. Maps and Google Earth views of the hike are here.

In total, we covered about 7.75 miles in a little over three hours. The hike offers some great views of the San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately, after a week of great weather, the marine layer arrived and obscured some of the views. We did get a couple of nice views as we were finishing up the hike and starting back down to the car.

We headed back to the hotel and got cleaned up. Janie joined us for a late lunch at the hotel. With Sharon staying for her meeting starting Sunday night, I headed back to Carmichael a little after 3 pm and was home before 5 pm. It was a nice little getaway to celebrate sixteen years.

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