Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simmons 2012 NBA Western Conference Over/Under Podcast

On the October 25, 2012 B.S. Report Podcast, Joe House joined Bill Simmons to evaluate the NBA's Western Conference in Part 2 of the two-part annual NBA over/under podcast. At the 46:45 point in the podcast, they talk about the Sacramento Kings.

The Sacramento Kings over/under for wins is 30. Simmons likes the under. His comments about the Kings include:
  • It is a team that is, i can't emphasize this strongly enough, it is horribly put together.
  • It is one of the dumbest rosters that i have ever watched.
  • They are like a pick-up basketball team from hell.
  • Whoever gets it over half court gets to shoot…
  • Honestly can't believe that they put that team together.
  • They put no foresight into how they interact.

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