Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Sea Ranch Day 4

As I told Sharon and Janie over the course of the weekend, I probably got more relaxed and unwound during this long holiday than any trip in recent memory.

Up fairly early, both Sharon and I went for runs to the south. It was very cold and breezy. Running a little over five miles, I could never get warmed up.

After a breakfast of omelettes, we packed up the cars. The check-out time was 11:00 am and we rolled away from the house about 10:58 am. Although the location was perfect, Sharon was not completely happy with the house [lots and lots of unfinished wood on the inside]. As a result, I am pretty sure that we will never stay here again.

I made a quick stop at Saint Teresa of Avila Church [California Historical Landmark #820] in Bodega and then met Sharon and Janie for lunch in Sonoma. We had lunch at Della Santina's, an Italian Trattoria.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at Bouchaine Vineyards. Both Sharon and Janie are wine club members there. By the time, Sharon and I rolled up to the house it was almost 6 pm. It was a great long weekend.

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