Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Sea Ranch Day 2


One of the things that I enjoy about Sea Ranch is that you get a little bit of a sunrise on the ocean in the winter as well as sunset. The coast runs southeast to northwest rather than south to north. Up early, I sat with a cup of coffee and enjoyed the sunrise.

I took for off for a long morning run. I ran from The Living Roof to the Sea Ranch Lodge and back; a total of 8.5 miles. I pushed hard to the lodge. In the years that we have been here, I have never run the last mile or two along the bluffs near the lodge.

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Back at the house, Sharon, Janie and I headed into Gualala. We wandered around the town and did some shopping. We had a drink in the bar at the Shoreline Restaurant and watched the waves break over the sand dunes into the river.

We spend the afternoon relaxing around the house and enjoying the jacuzzi.

Janie's friend Carol came over for dinner. Carol lives at Sea Ranch. We finished the evening barbecuing a couple of steaks and having a late dinner.

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