Saturday, January 05, 2013

1,000 miles! [was: Virtually Biking Across America - Day 42]

On January 1, 2012, I started biking virtually across America from the old house in Elk Grove. On December 30, 2012 [Day 42], I rode 20.9 miles across central Wyoming. I have now covered more than 1,000 miles! I have roughly been following the route of the Pony Express. There is still another 780 miles to go to get to St. Joseph, Missouri, the eastern end of the Pony Express Trail.

Starting from the Rocky Ridge Pony Express Station [N42 28 41.0 W108 21 41.0], I rode cross country on the Oregon Trail until I reached Interstate 287. Turning south, I finished the ride at a junction of Interstate 287 and the Oregon Trail [N42 31 2.43" W108 0 27.65].

The trip log for Virtually Biking Across America is here.

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