Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Sea Ranch Day 1

In the late afternoon, I headed towards Sea Ranch. Sharon, Janie and I will be spending the MLK weekend at the Living Roof House celebrating Sharon and my birthdays. We spent the long weekend holiday weekend at a different house at Sea Ranch in 2O11.

Sharon and Janie had gone over earlier in the day. Jack was also originally going, but he was selected to attend a Jesuit Leadership Summit at the Los Gatos Retreat House; more on that in a future post. I had forgotten how long it takes to get there. Even with only hitting a little traffic on Highway 101 North between 37 and Petaluma, it took three hours and 40 minutes on no stops...

After unwinding a bit, we had a great late dinner of lasagna that Sharon made. We finished a late night watching an odd movie: Magic Mike.

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  1. There's nothing odd about Magic Mike if you are a girl!