Saturday, February 02, 2013

2013 Jesuit Baseball Parent Orientation

Sharon and I went to the Jesuit Baseball Parent Orientation on Saturday morning. Rod, Mike and Marilyn DeAnda, Chris Chappelle and Tim Murphy were also there. The meeting lasted over two hours and a half hours... Even at this meeting, there was a lot of discussion about encouraging the boys to play multiple sports. Unlike most schools, Jesuit does not have a summer or fall freshman baseball program. The last part of the meeting focused on a schedule for shutting the boys down for three or four months a year with no throwing.

There are 50 freshman boys signed up and competing for 21 uniforms. Try-outs start on Monday.

By next weekend, we should have a good feel for where Jack stands. I feel like I have done everything I could over the last three months to get Jack prepared for the try-outs. Interestingly, I seem to have a lot more anxiety about the process than Jack does. Coach Boyle asked Jack if he was nervous on Wednesday and Jack said no. He honestly does not seem nervous.

In an interesting twist, Jack told me on our way back from Outlaws baseball practice that he went to the JV football meeting on Friday and signed up. He has been very negative recently about playing again next fall. I am guessing that there was some peer pressure involved. They are required to complete 20 early morning conditioning sessions this spring.

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